# Welcome Welcome to the Two Way Walkie Talkie mobile app support page. Two Way is a simple walkie talkie application that you can use to talk to your friends or random strangers on the internet. It requires internet connectivity and may use data from your mobile network provider. All the channels in Two Way are public just like over the air radio networks. If you have any questions with Two Way or would like to reach out to the developer, please use the contact information provided below. # Support Contact The best way to reach the me is by email. Please feel free to reach me at [support@selvaraj.com](mailto:support@selvaraj.com?Subject=TwoWay%20Support). You can also reach me on Twitter [@vinayselvaraj](https://twitter.com/vinayselvaraj). # Updates Please follow me on Twitter at [@vinayselvaraj](https://twitter.com/vinayselvaraj) for future updates.